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Senior man smiling

Few, if any, edentulous patients relish the thought of waiting weeks to restore a complete smile. Fortunately, with an intervention known as Bar Attachment Denture, patients can get an implant-supported denture in just a few hours (after the treatment planning process has been finished).

Bar Attachment Denture uses just four dental implants to secure the denture, and it takes just a few hours for those implants to be surgically inserted into the patient’s jaw. Most patients will also be able to be fitted with at least a temporary prosthetic at the same appointment as implant placement.

Over the course of several months after implant placement, the dental implants osseointegrate. That is, the surrounding bone forms a bond with implants. When this healing process is complete, the patient may return to the dental office to be fitted with a permanent implant-supported denture, if necessary.

Of course, patients do need to allow the oral surgeon a certain amount of time to develop the plan for the procedure, but this step typically does not extend the treatment timeline too significantly. At the initial consultation, feel free to ask your surgeon what you can expect in terms of the timing of the procedure. That first appointment generally presents a good opportunity to ask any questions you may have about this intervention.

Additionally, you’ll want to check on any pre- or post-operative instructions prior to your Bar Attachment Denture procedure, because implant placement does require a surgical procedure. Be sure you understand the directions completely to minimize your risk of complications after the surgery.

Not only does Bar Attachment Denture offer a speedy treatment, but patients also gain greater stability and durability with this option in comparison to conventional dentures. The dental implants mimic the roots of biological teeth, so they help to anchor the jawbone in place. The connection between a dental implant and jaw also tends to make implant-supported dentures more effective at chewing.

The Bar Attachment Denture treatment procedure usually can be completed in a single appointment, so if you want to reduce your wait time for a brand new smile, contact Stonebriar Facial & Oral Surgery at 214-618-3070 and schedule a consultation to get started on this path.

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