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Patients facing any oral surgery procedure, including the placement of dental implants, usually are eager to resume their normal activities as soon as possible. Fortunately, this is often possible within a matter of days.

Even when the treatment is more involved, as with an All-on-4 treatment that requires the insertion of four dental implants, many patients still can return to work (depending on the nature of the job) and school a few days after their implant placement if there are no complications.

Your oral surgeon will thoroughly review your case in advance of the procedure to identify any potential problems, such as chronic disease or lifestyle habits, that could interfere with your ability to heal. For example, patients who smoke are advised to abstain in the days preceding and following All-on-4 implant placement, as smoking causes inflammation that can compromise the healing process.

Additionally, the oral surgeon will give you a list of post-operative instructions to reduce your risk of complications, like infections. You should keep your mouth as clean as possible using the proper technique, as a post-operative infection could potentially compromise the stability of the dental implants as well as keep you from your day-to-day regimen for a more extended period of time. Discuss these instructions extensively with your surgeon to make sure that you understand them thoroughly. Follow the directions closely.

Although it is often possible for patients to get back to their normal routines soon after All-on-4 placement, they may still need to postpone certain activities, like vigorous exercise, for a few more days. Ask your surgeon for more specifics about this.

When everything goes according to plan, many patients are able to resume their normal activities within days of getting their All-on-4 dental implants. Follow your surgeon’s instructions to reduce your risk of complications, and be sure to ask any questions you may have about your care. Notify the office as soon as possible if you notice symptoms of concern, like persistent bleeding, excessive discomfort or fever.

For additional information, contact Stonebriar Facial & Oral Surgery at 214-618-3070.

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